Lake Borumba Farm Wedding ~ Kayla and Lee

Kayla and Lee’s home is just a tad north of Brisbane. It’s where they live Monday to Friday. But over the weekend, they have a property by Lake Borumba, that is a 45 minute off road trek through the mountains, only accessible with a 4×4.

It’s where they had their wedding. At their true home, where their heart belongs.

I woke up early the morning of the wedding. Changed, put my camera gear on and went for a wander in the freezing, misty outer area. I could see fog lining the mountains and trees with the sun trying to find its way. Then I realised, everyone was already outside. They were working.

I saw Kayla cleaning the grass area down by the big fig where their ceremony was to be. I saw Lee lining up timber to put up the fairy lights. The families working together on the floral arrangements, the home cooked roast dinner and the table settings. But they weren’t just working – they were enjoying each other. It was the company they had. The times they were sharing.

When Kayla first enquired with me, she said, “It will just be like capturing a day in the life of us and our family. Just, with a ceremony”.

And when I look back at these photos, I can feel what she said.

You will even see Yen and Ayvia in some of these photos. Even today, Yen still brings up Kayla and Lee’s wedding and how welcoming they were to our family. Yen and Ayvia weren’t just guests, but they were family. I’d look over my shoulder and see Ayvia riding in the ute or Yen helping prepare the food. It makes you realise, it makes you feel, the warmth of the hearts of the humans around you.

Kayla and Lee’s wedding was also published and featured in Polka Dot Bride.

Audio: – Friday Morning

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