What does all day mean?

This is the one question my couples always like to confirm, “How many hours is all day?”. Well, it’s many hours… quite a lot actually.

I don’t have a time limit. I don’t have hourly packages. I don’t book other jobs on your wedding day. I really am there, all day. I’d guess 12 hours would be the average amount of time I can spend with my couples on their wedding day. This kind of coverage usually gives me a return of around 400-500 images.

Many photographers will do a fake cake cut and first dance because of time restrictions. Well, I don’t have these time restrictions. So let your day unfold naturally, as it should, so I can capture your real first dance with all the real emotion and memories.

Are there hourly wedding packages?

Every wedding will have a bride getting ready, a ceremony, a first kiss and a reception with a cake.

These are just the usual key moments. Everyone gets those.

But, I also like everything else.

I want to photograph all of that, plus all of the other equally important, unique moments that happen before and after. These are the parts that make your story complete and different to everyone else’s.

They make your story more awesome.

Way more awesome.

But, as much as I love shooting full-day weddings, I’ve just started offering a 6 hour package to help out my couples.

Do you travel?

I do travel for weddings.

If your wedding is half way across the globe, or you live on the otherside of Australia, we probably won’t get to meet each other in person before your wedding. Luckily, there is this awesome little program called Skype that will put us in touch visually and vocally.

How do I secure my wedding date?

Because I can receive multiple emails enquiring over the same date, I cannot make any bookings until I have the contract/booking sheet completed and the deposit has been finalised. Once I receive both the contract and deposit, your date will be secured and you will have me booked for your day.

I will not make any other reservations or bookings on your wedding day.

What can I do with my photos on the usb?

You are welcome to use the supplied photos for personal reasons and have them printed off with your preferred provider. This gives you the opportunity to select your own printing supplier, although I do offer true colour photographic prints as an a la carte service.

I also allow your images to be used online, on social media such as Facebook, but I do request that each image uploaded has a description added which clearly writes, “Photographed by Richard Grainger Photography”.

Can I order additional albums and prints?

My standard wedding package does not include any albums, prints or canvases, but can be added on either by upgrading your package to include an album or simply add them in from the a la carte price sheet.

Currently, only the bride and groom can order any printing services through me.