Personal ~ My couples of 2018

This is my fifth instalment. It’s become a tradition of mine, to create a post that shows the faces of the people that I have met throughout the year. I post this not only as a business to share my work, but also as a history, for myself.

Throughout the year, I’ll flick through previous yearly posts and browse all the photos. It’s my collection. It’s where I’ve placed some of my fondest memories working with the people who give me the opportunity to tell their story through my eyes.

These people, I now call my friends.

And these places, reminds me of the beauty that is out there.

This year, I didn’t win any fancy awards. I didn’t submit my work anywhere or even share much on social-media. Being labelled one of Australia’s top 10 emerging photographers last year was good enough for me. I don’t think I’ll submit or show case my work to judges again. I’m happy where I am.

And where am I? I’m still married, to my wife of 10 years, at the end of this year. My girlfriend since 2004, from high school. I am also a father, to a girl who just finished prep and is starting grade one and her second year of ballet.

Each day, I make her lunch and we walk to school together. It’s my chance to listen to her, one on one, about all the things she is learning.

Thank you, teachers.

And thank you, my couples and friends, for your support. Not just this year, but all the years you have continued to support me. Without you, my business would be nothing.

I’m going to add one more thing to this post; Last year, I did this and it worked out great. I was overwhelmed with how much support I received. So, I’m going to ask again; For a FB share.

If this stream of photos makes you happy, tear, or smile, I’d truly appreciate a share on Facebook. I really do appreciate the shares. I click on them all. I read the comments and the love going around, it’s purely amazing.

Thank you everyone. I’ll see you throughout 2019.

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