Personal ~ My weddings of 2019

This year was a good year for me, mostly.

Yen, Ayvia and I went away for a week. We visited Green Cape Lighthouse. This season, I got to play most of our Sunday games in my cricket team. And I got to kick my gym and fitness up a notch earlier in 2019. It’s been a good year for health – and that’s an important one to me.

In the second half of the year, I noticed my emails and enquiries dropped quite a bit. I let it slide not trying to dwell on it. Being self employed as an extremely small business, you get accustomed to the ups and downs. It was around Christmas, when I started having people sms or call me. I haven’t been replying to them, so they thought.

Long story short, I realised my emails had been out of action (to all big email providers) for around 6 months. I have no idea how many people I’ve missed meeting/talking to/replying and the part that hits me in the heart the most; Is that some people may even think that I’ve ignored them, or vice versa. My provider hasn’t fixed this still, so I started up an account a few weeks back.

Now we are well into January for 2020, I’m getting that feeling inside, that I need to share. Last year, I photographed around 25 weddings, with around 5 in Brisbane and the rest in the right half of Australia. There are a few photos from some drought-stricken locations, to the Australian northern coasts and a few from our major cities. Anything that connected with me at a wedding, I’ve shared.

This will catch you up to where I was during 2019.

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