Byron Bay Wedding ~ Koa and Rach

Koa and Rach are my friends. Really good friends. I love them both.

I love them for being such positive forces in this world. They somehow find positivity in everything and always look to better themselves and help those that approach them. And when you witness other people doing that, you self reflect and the positive vibes pass along again.

Koa has always been an extremely intelligent person, excelling in his job as an IT consultant for a large firm. Now, that itself, isn’t important. A couple of years has passed since Koa’s father left our Earth. Today, Koa has dedicated his time and effort to become a paramedic, to be there for those that are in need. Like those that tried to save his Dad. He wants to be there, because just maybe, he might be able to save someone from the pain of losing someone they love.

And Rach, his wife? She’s a lawyer, that helps those that are struggling to receive help.

This is their family.

When they asked if I would photograph their wedding, I knew it would be intimate. It would be beautiful and that it would be full of emotion.

It was going to be all about love.

This was a Byron Bay wedding, Koa’s home of about 20 years. Their guests sat around a vegie patch, under a big tree while Koa and Rach told everyone why they wanted to marry each other. We all cried. We all laughed. And everyone wanted a hug. They created an atmosphere that was humble and loving. It was truly beautiful.

Meet my beautiful friends, Koa and Rach.

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