Kenilworth Wedding ~ Morgan and Al

In the past week, I’ve photographed four weddings. Two of them nowhere near home.

I’ve been lacking a bit of sleep lately and found myself up late nights with a mind that won’t shut down.

Last night, I found myself flicking through old photos and saw, whom I must refer to at least once, as the mother of dragons. It was Morgan and Al’s wedding at the Kenilworth Farm.

I shot this wedding last year, so many months ago.

And today, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

So here I am, blogging, last minute, about two people who couldn’t stop smiling at each other.

It’s what makes this wedding special to me.

Once you have finished viewing all the images, I left a bit more to read (under the images). Please check it out.

Audio: – Trio

If you follow my blog regularly, you will have seen me say this so many times; What is most important to me, are the two people in love. Sure, the cake, shoes and the dresses are pretty cool, but for me, I love watching people be with those they love.

So for this blog post, I wanted to leave out images to show how beautiful weddings are, without the popular social media images. There was no dress, or ring photo. No make-up or lip stick image. I left out the ceremony kiss and first dance as well as the cake and its’ cutting. While Morgan and Al received these images from me, I wanted to show what it’s like without.

If those things didn’t phase you, then yeh, we are on the same wave length.

  • Morgan Dodds said:

    Oh my gosh Richie! I just cried reading the blog and going through the photos with the music playing in the background. When we received our photos I couldn’t believe how much you captured the feeling of our wedding... you’ve done it again thank so much! I know I’ve said it a lot but truly thank you. It’s a beautiful post and I love the words at the end.

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