Osteria Casuarina Wedding ~ Ben and Talya

I have that feeling again, to blog more, rather than less. I’ve done this only a couple times before, and tonight, I’m doing it again.

I usually share around 50 photos per wedding. Tonight, I’m sharing over 100 from Ben and Talya’s set.

I’m a huge believer of less is more. I want to feel something when I browse my images, I want to take it all in and breathe in the story. I hate the idea of swamping people with too much of anything, to have too much to enjoy properly; Exactly like a boutique dinner, prepared and created by a master chef. They will never give you too much, nor too little. They want you to savour every taste, to be stunned by each and every bite, to look at the person sitting opposite you and in the silence they know you’re astonished by what you have.

I tried to do that again today, but there were just too many images that I wanted to include. Their emotions, their unique pieces, their closed eyes; It all made the story I wanted to tell.

Ben and Talya, on the border of NSW and QLD, Casuarina, Osteria.

Audio: Incompetech.com – Almost New

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