Toowoomba Gabbinbar Wedding ~ Dan and Kristy

Sometimes, it’s just the way they are with their children.

When Dan arrived at Gabbinbar, their kids left the make-up room, running. Their father had arrived and they were all about him.

Wedding mornings, traditional or not, are conventionally busy. Sometimes it’s because of hair and make-up, sometimes it’s because we go for a swim at the beach, maybe a waterfall, exploring or even just trying to spend time with all your closest friends. It doesn’t matter what you do, but you will find it’s always busy. It’s fast. And it goes by. That’s why Dan and Kristy put everything aside, for just a small moment, to spend it as a family. I always adore watching kids with their parents, especially their dads. I’m a father of a 5 year old, so I certainly feel it, that something special.

I felt it this day.

Dan and Kristy, Toowoomba, at Gabbinbar Homestead.

Audio: – Promises to Keep

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