Destination Scone Wedding ~ Andrew and Cat

I received a call one night, about a wedding, in a place I’d never heard of. It was to be held at their home, in Scone, a small country town North West about four hours from Sydney. I spoke to both Cat and Andrew that night, they were in the car and had me on loud speaker.

I could hear the excitement in both of their voices.

Together, they spoke with smiles on their faces, “It’s at our family home, on rolling hills upon rolling hills. Our water is run off our property and our home is solar powered. We don’t have good reception, if any. We have plenty of cows and some horses. We want to get married here.”

It isn’t often I get phone calls. It’s all mostly emails now. But that call, made me so excited. I had never met these people before and while they spoke to me, I could hear them smiling.

I was smiling.

We were all smiling, strangers, talking to each other.

“And bring your family down, we have a spare room”.

Again, strangers, offering what they have, to other strangers.

When I hung up, I went over to Yen and told her about this couple I just spoke to, Andrew and Cat.

And now Yen was smiling too.

Today is one of those days, where I feel like sharing heaps, so grab a coffee or a beer. This one will take you a while to get through.

Andrew and Cat, in Scone, the polo city of Australia.

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