18 years from now

Every morning, my baby girl wakes up around 5am. It isn’t easy, until you see that beautiful smile. From then on out, the rest of the day just swings by. She keeps us busy and she keeps our hearts warm.

Lately, I’ve been getting to listen to her voice develop. She knows how to say mum and I won’t lie, I’m a little jealous. While my wife is at work, I’m always trying to teach her a new favourite word – dad.

I can’t wait to hear that word. Really, I can’t wait.

My wife and I wrote Ayvia a letter for Christmas this year. We haven’t shared this with anyone yet, but it means too much for me to hide.

Eighteen years from now, we will give her this letter… and tell her to open it, for the first time.

For the past few days, your mum and I are waking up to the most beautiful sounds in the world. You lay in bed, quietly, but just loud enough for us to hear. You let us know that you are awake. You lay patiently in your cosy cot and speak, “guuu buuu” and on the odd occasion it sounds like you say “mum”.

We try to record how beautiful you are. We photograph and video you whenever we can. Just look through all our past videos. I’ve used all my phone space recording you. We have so much for you to look at when you are older. We save everything, especially your mum. She saves everything… literally, everything.

There are some really special memories of you and Sennie. He loves you, he protects you, he never leaves your side. Some of these photos are the ones I keep closest to my heart.

We love you.

We recorded you.

We will never forget these memories.

You are our precious daughter…

You don’t always need fancy pants photos. The simple, mean just as much.




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