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I’m moving brands. I’m pretty excited, but equally scared. I’m not sure why I’m scared, because my new setup is absolutely unreal. I’ll be looking less like a photographer and more like a regular human being. What I’m most excited about, is the capabilities of a brand new camera.

So that will leave me with a whole heap of stuff I won’t be using anymore.

All lenses have had UV filters on since being taken out of the box. No mould or any discrepancies in the lens glass. Everything comes in its original box, except for the Tamron 24-70 and 50 Art. I purchased all items new. All items work as intended. I have changed brands, so I have a bunch of stuff available now, then some in the very near future while I get accustomed to my new gear.

Currently for sale

Canon 600D (not even 900 shutter count) – $300

Sigma 50 1.4 (Pre-ART) – $150

Sigma 85 1.4 (Pre-ART) – $500

Tamron 24-70 2.8 VC (Rarely used) – $750

Lowepro 400AW – $80

Canon Shoulder bag (fits body + 2 lenses) – free

My personal working gear

Canon 45 TSE 2.8 – $950 last lens I have left, now $900

8x SanDisk 32GB 45mb/sec 48mb/sec Ultra and Extreme cards – $20 each *4 REMAIN*

2x Canon 5D3 bodies (Approx 57,000 shutter count) – $1800/ea

Sigma 35 1.4 ART $750

Sigma 50 1.4 ART $750

Sigma 85 1.4 ART – $1000

Canon 135L 2.0 – $900

ThinkTank Airport Takeoff bag – $350

ThinkTank Retrospective LC3 bag – $100

2x YN565EX Flashes – $50 or 1 free with a 5D3 body

8x Transcend and SanDisk 16GB CF 400x cards – $15 each

The 5D3 bodies comes with a handful of spare batteries (original in there too), original charger, usb cable and Canon 5D3 strap. The 600D comes with a Canon strap and original charger and battery.

If you are interested in anything, give me a buzz/email or come around and pick something up.

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