Personal ~ My weddings of 2017

Each year since I’ve started photography, I put together one post, which shares pieces from all the weddings I’ve photographed throughout the year. It’s my chance to share my favourite images. They aren’t always the prettiest photos, but they are the ones that mean something to me. They share my growth as a photographer and what goes on in my mind. They share what I find beautiful. All of these images are a reflection of my eyes.

My weddings of 2017 has notched up around 17,000km of travel, which is 8,000km less than 2016. I visited many family properties, farms and venues from all around Australia. I even had the opportunity to photograph two very close friends of mine, over 1000km apart. One on the beach and the other on a rocky mountain. Each year, I keep thinking I’ve seen everything that Australia has to offer and I’m constantly proven wrong.

These are the people that I met, became friends with, photographed and shared their piece of Australia with, all in 2017.

I came back and edited this paragraph in, on a good friends piece of advice. At first I left it out, but as a business I need to continue to share my accomplishments. Each year, one of Australia’s biggest photography competitions is held to showcase Australia’s top emerging photographers. There are categories for all lines of photography, which of course includes weddings. In 2017, I was named in the list of the top 10 emerging wedding photographers of Australia.

I love this post and if you do too, I’d appreciate a share. I don’t normally ask or even mention it on any of my blog posts, but as a small business, I reminded myself that asking can only lead to more positive things.

Audio: – Promises to Keep

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