Personal ~ All you need is words

In the past few weeks, I’ve received comments and messages that have truly made me feel proud of the people that I have reached. People all over the world. I wish I could present more of these letters, but I feel a little embarrassed sharing these personal things.

I have had to tell myself, no one will mind. People will be happy to see love shared. People will be happy to know that there are kind people all over our planet.

Just do it Rich. Share. Share the love.

About a month ago, I received an email, that when I had almost finished reading it, I realised I had a hand over my mouth.


When I read the date, my heart dropped. I was booked and the date couldn’t be changed.

A couple of days later, I was flicking through a recent wedding I blogged. I reached the bottom and started reading some of the comments that visitors had left. I reached a comment, that made me want to slap myself. I couldn’t remember this person. And I didn’t know his email to send a thank you.


This is my share of love. A share, I’m proud of that contains no photos.

These words. I’ll keep them forever.

I’ll forever cherish that in these few years, I have reached out and shared love with others, from all over the earth.

And what touches me the most, is that they have shared the love back.

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