Social media and getting with it

Lately I’ve felt that my website was lacking in the social media department.

So I’ve made a few changes and I’m hoping it was for the better. I feel that these social media plugins are generally easier to use, but in some cases, just over whelming for some.

I have always had a comments section on the website, which I think I’ll keep for now, but I have also added the Facebook comments plugin – Just to make life that little bit easier.

Wait, how much easier can it get?

So anyway… not only is there now Facebook comments for the “Stories” that are posted, but if you mouse over each image, you will be able to “Pin It” to Pinterest. A little “Pin It” button will appear on the top right corner of the story images.

I’m not sure if I’ll completely phase out the old comments method, but I’ll definitely be leaving it on the website for now.

So, let’s hope our internet life becomes easier than it already is…


Facebook Comments