Montville Wedding ~ Flis and Nathan

I haven’t got to share many weddings lately. It really does suck, shooting so many weddings, then not being able to share any. Time seems to have been my arch enemy for the past 6 months, and it probably will continue to be so, until the end of this year.

But, as time allows, I’ll be sharing more weddings.

As I sat on the computer one night, I hear the new email alert. An email from Flis and Nathan, telling me all about themselves, where they met, how they met, their hobbies and about some relaxing day, they referred to as their upcoming wedding.

It sounded really cool.

No, they sounded really cool, and I knew I had to photograph their wedding.

I don’t often blog too many photos with each wedding. It’s quite difficult for me to pick out 40 or 50 photos to tell the story of a wedding, but I prefer less, so it’s rare I share more than 50 images. But on occasion, I’ll blog a wedding with heaps more photos to show more of what I do. This is one of those weddings.

Flis and Nathan, in Montville.

Audio: – Promises to Keep

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